About Us

About Us

We strive to provide a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment for young children, in which children can safely explore, learn, play and develop utilizing a child centered curriculum.  This curriculum is based on the emotional, physical, social and cognitive needs of the individual child.  The developmental needs of the child are used to determine appropriate activities carried out with that child.  Because children grow and develop at different rates, this approach offers them the opportunity to explore each area of development at their own pace.  


Center staff members create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere as well as providing the materials and resources required to optimize the experiences of each child.  They also serve as examples to the children since children learn as much by observing others as they do by direct instruction.  The teaching staff members act as facilitators rather than directors of activities.  


The environment is carefully planned based on an assessment of each child’s skills.  Planning occurs with the presence of the “interest centers” in every classroom.  These centers include art, dramatic play, manipulative or small motor skills, gross motor play or block, listening and computer etc.  The exploration of the environment is usually self-initiated.  Creativity is enhanced by the open-endedness of learning materials.  A sense of responsibility and powerfulness is also promoted by allowing children to choose their own activities.


Some of the core beliefs of a developmentally appropriate, child centered curriculum are:

This inclusive approach allows all children to develop friendships, become leaders and role models, and learn acceptance and diversity. In general, we value:


Our mission is to provide the highest quality childcare experience by creating a safe nurturing environment cultivating individualized child development and learning with positive teacher-child interactions through the work of competent and passionate childcare professionals supported by a wonderfully engaged community.


Inspire and equipping children, families, and community to reach their full potential through modeling excellence. 

Core Values

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